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I have the following boxes you're missing (of the existing entries - I also have some you don't have in the database yet ):

Behind the Iron Gate
Dreamweb (AGA)
Sink or Swim (you have only the front of the box for some reason)
Bandit Kings of Ancient China
Erben des Throns
Silent Service
Monty Python's Flying Circus
Blood Net (AGA)
Simon the Sorcerer (it is the AGA version, but it doesn't say on the front or back of the box, only on the side)
Wild Cup Soccer (CD32)
Ishar: Legend Of The Fortress (ECS)
Winter Olympics
Eishockey Manager
Beach Volley
Chaos Engine (ECS)
Discovery: In The Steps Of Columbus

Most of them also contain original disks and manuals. Will scan it all as soon as possible (should be done in the next few days). Where should I send or upload it to ?
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