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Originally posted by NytroX86
I've searched through the pages of missing Box Art. Tell me which of these you want, and I'll scan 'em by the end of next week:
Battle Isle 93 - box, disk 1
Cannon Fodder CD32 - box, jewel case, CD
Diggers/Oscar CD32 - jewel case, CD
Frontier: Elite 2 CD32 - box, jewel case, map, CD
Hillsea Lido - box, disk 1
Mean Arenas CD32 - jewel case, CD
Rise of the Robots - box, disk 1
Ruff n Tumble - box, disk 1
Soccer Kid - box, disk 1 (we have CD32 scans already)
Superfrog CD32 - jewel case, CD
Syndicate CD32 - box, CD Sleeve, CD
UFO Enemy Unknown CD32 - box, CD

Of course we need front and backs for the boxes. These would be great. If the manuals (or other books) have unique covers then they would also be of use, as well. Thanks for any efforts!
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