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I've searched through the pages of missing Box Art. Tell me which of these you want, and I'll scan 'em by the end of next week:
Battle Isle 93 ECS - Box, Manual, Unit Manual all great condition
Cannon Fodder CD32 - Box, Jewel Case, Mini-Manual all good
Diggers/Oscar CD32 - Jewel Case in good condition
Frontier: Elite 2 CD32 - Box, Jewel Case, 3 Manuals, Map, all great
Hillsea Lido ECS - Small Box, Instructions good condition
Mean Arenas CD32 - Jewel Case, Mini-Manual great condition
Rise of the Robots ECS - Box, Manual MINT
Ruff n Tumble - Box, Manual great condition
Soccer Kid - Box, Manual good condition
Superfrog CD32 - Jewel case, Mini-Manual MINT possibly Amiga CD and CD32
Syndicate CD32 - Box, Manuals, CD Sleeve all good condition
UFO Enemy Unknown CD32 - Gret Box, Mint Manual, Quick Start

I also have the relevant disks/CD for all these, if you want them scanned .
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