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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Yes it is as far as I'm aware... do the official judges want to comment here also; as I'm not one of them?

You cannot start a project prior to the competition start date and then enter; that means no graphics / sound / code / whatever else...

If jojo073 had already created fighters and some stage years ago; that's not in the spirit of the competition, others had been not allowed to enter for exactly these reasons
That is not correct. One of the winners already won a prize in other competition, before it even entered the EAB compo. Aminer scored 2nd place at Retrocomp 2018. It was publicly announced, it was a fact known to the judges and the game was allowed. So to be fair, I think jojo's game was okay in this way. And I think even Rygar started way before competition was launched.
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