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Built a joystick again.

I spent last weekend building a joystick and had a lot of fun with it

Article + Picture gallery.

The guys in the Commodore Amiga Facebook group suggested some games that required good joystick control - as if I didn't know, well that's really true if I'm honest - but you know, there are so many games for Amiga that I haven't played half of them... best to ask. Most of the suggestions were familiar though - a good game is a good game, right?

So it's "pretty close to decent" (for my standards). I did learn some things that made me want to build a proper joystick. Maybe some day..? That's how I feel anyway.

Just some pretty basic things being overlooked IMO (hence the saltiness of the article), but it's really because of the manufacturers and the market. I mean, they should be able to tell.

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