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Originally Posted by Jgames View Post
games that are played from cartridges don't need to load sprites into memory, they directly copy the sprites from rom to video ram for display, that's why i think computers (msx for example) and console games with rom cartridges don't need a lot of ram, and usually has very small ram (like the snes 64kb); this small ram is used only to store game variables...

that's why, the sprites must always be uncompressed in cartridge type games, or very rarely they are compressed in rom and are decompressded on the fly on a part of the small ram, small step by small step in transition to get it whole to video ram on as single frame, for this a special decompressing chip is used. (like the case for super street fighter 2 turbo or alpha i think on the snes)

This also means that a game stored in cartridges is coded differently than a disc game that loads everything to memory;

Intresting point of view Jgames and something I would like to know more about
Surley an Amiga with 2mb would have enough memory to hold backgrouns all sprites and anything else if coded correctly - I dont think sprites would be read direct from cartridge in game? - I might be wrong ;-)
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