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Slamtilt and PC.

You are right there is a PC version of Slamtilt but its seldom
worth getting any game that uses 2d scrolling on a pc.
Perhaps people think it was a fable about the PC having bad
scrolling but truely it did and in some cases still does,
But of course the other problem you would have for Slamtilt PC
is that it would have compatability problems with current pc's
Thats only a guess ofcourse because I don't have it but what I do have is Slamtilt Resurection for the PC and can honestly say its a pile of shit. It takes up 2 cd's filles 600mb on the HD and gives you 2 tables.
It doesn't play as well and doesnt look much better. Infact they tried to be fancy and made it harder to play in the process.
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