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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
You're welcome and good luck
It appeared the spell of good luck worked... I installed the latest WinUAE release (2.2.0), then I stumbled upon a problem. Gmenu's setup wizard doesn't cater for newer releases of WinUAE. I overcome this using this method:- when the Gmenu's Setup wizard popped up, I simply selec the latest winuae version from the available list, by chosing 'select file', and then selected the path of the winuae executable. Once that was done, I could launch whdload games perfectly. Tip for getting games to launch in full screen using latest winuae.

The next problem was getting games to launch in full screen mode, rather than in a window. To do this, I exited gamebase, and launched WinUAE. In WinUAE's configuration page, I selected 'Load from' and loaded the WHDLoad.uae file into WinUAE, clicked the display tab, and changed native mode to 'full screen'. Once this had been done, I chose 'Save As' and rewrote over the WHDLoad.uae file in C:\Program Files\Gamebase\Gamebase Amiga\
Repeat the above paragraph for Gamebase Amiga.uae to get adf's to launch in full screen mode (and not windowed mode) and the jobs done.

Their was some discussion about editing gmenus script to get multi disk games to work when using newer releases of WinUAE under gamebase. This doesn't seem to be necessary in my instance, since upon launching the adf disks for gunship 2000, I can see all disk icons on the workbench. Thanks for the help!

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