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Originally Posted by earok View Post
I added this to the mostly PD collection on, works fine on emulator but doesn't appear to work on a real CD32 (won't progress past the title)

One thing I did that might be interferring is I'm running a background process (JOY2KEY2) to map keyboard to CD32 pad, so you can theoretically play it without a keyboard.


Any help/suggestions for this would be gratefully appreciated!
This game is very keyboard dependent. The keyboard is read with intuition messages (normal window events). However it uses RAWKEY events and keymap.library.
If that JOY2KEY2 mapping program works fine with programs under OS then it should be fine here as well ; however as it uses lowlevel.library i have some doubts...

While i'm here.
Originally Posted by TjLaZer View Post
Tested it on my ACA620 '020/16Mhz and it was having issues. The intro did not run (stuck on title screen). Pressed some keys, maybe 1 or F1? Game starts and is barely playable. I'd say this needs 20Mhz to run right.
The game works on unexpanded A1200 '020/14Mhz, but my screen conversion routine uses 32bit chipmem accesses. So it needs more horsepower on ECS than on AGA.
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