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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
As Meynaf as explained in another thread, the game is actually producing original ST graphic data (in chunky format) which are converted in real time to Amiga bitplane format. This conversion layer requires quite a bit of resources to run which is why a 68020 or better is needed to run at a smooth framerate.

Why did he do that? Well, because the alternative would be to:
- modify all graphic data so that it is in bitplane format
- rewrite all graphical routines to operate on bitplane data (and possibly to use the Blitter)

And that is easily double or triple the work already done.
It is hard to blame him.

Note that Stingray has used this approach as well for a few of the ST games he converted with similar results. Some games still run ok on an A500 because they do not refresh the whole screen at every frame so the realtime conversion layer has very little work to do but this highly depends on the game graphical needs and on how well it was written.
Apart that the ST graphic format isn't chunky but just another bitplane format, this explanation is right.
If it were chunky it wouldn't even work on plain A1200...

This game is a complete mess and it's quite a miracle it just works.
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