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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
I am not sure what you mean by a serialized partition. The serial number is stored in the program code of PFS3/ds, not on a partition. After installation either PFS3 works or it doesn't. This cannot be changed by converting a partition to another file system.
Ah, ok. I read at the installation instructions some about it that made me think that, but it isn't the partition, it's the file system:
"In the first phase, all the required files are copied on your HDD by the installer script. The actual filesystem isn't usable direcly from CD, as it needs to be serialized with your name and serial number first. What this means, is you MUST use the installer script to get started."

But what you say to use it in another HDD is that I only need the PFSformat and PFS3ds files from the partition where I've installed the script? Only that? I thought I was needing the entire partition, you know? So then it's like installing SFS in a HDD, you only need those files.
EDIT: I should have read better:
Originally Posted by thomas View Post
Just copy the pfs3ds file to a floppy disk before you start and use it for initial partitioning of the new HDD.
EDIT: And you said it a couple of times, but I was with the idea of a entire partition needed to use the PFSformat...

Originally Posted by thomas View Post
HDInstTools lets you change the dostype in the same manner as HDToolbox does. The only difference is that it does not require you to enter some cryptic hex codes but allows you to enter ASCII text like PFS\3.
Ok, I didn't know. I knowed the history but on the contrary, for a great explanation you gave about it:
Originally Posted by thomas View Post
0x = hexadecimal numbers follow
43 = ASCII code for C
44 = ASCII code for D
46 = ASCII code for F
4F = ASCII code for O
50 = ASCII code for P
53 = ASCII code for S
So, in Hdinsttools it can seem you can't change the numbers, but in fact it does just for the name of the file system. The only dude about HDToolBox is about the partition sizes in large HDs. I believe if you use it you will have to use Fixhdsize always, and with HDInsttools it seems you haven't.

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