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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Laughed loud.
Remember when Gateway said the "new Amiga" would run QNX and some sort of hybrid PPC/Intel bullshit processor or something?
I know this attempt at getting QNX to become the next Amiga OS back then.
I remember trying out some sort of "trial version" of QNX. (though no traces of amiga AFAIK) I think it was either late 98 or early 99.. It could boot to the OS from a 1.44MB 3.5" PC Floppy. What you had was a functional OS, it even had a built in web server.
At the time I was running -I believe- Windows NT on a 400MHz Pentium II.
I remember being fairly impressed.

Anyhoo, the failure to deliver to Gateway doesn't make the whole idea bad. Things can go south for a 1000 different reasons.
It still looks like a good, extremely stable and non-bloated OS to me..
I believe pretty much every car maker uses QNX for its critical systems in embedded devices.. (We are talking Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Jaguar, Toyota)
I think QNX supports NVidia Tegra X1 too, could build a decent computer around that

And P.S. the whole point with the previous post is not QNX in particular (even if it is my personal choice) so plz dont trip on that. Exchange QNX to whatever fantastic OS of your desire. The point was, even if someone would build a great new "amiga-esque" computer, who would it be for? And how would you get ppl that dont really need anything better than they already have to use it... Times have changed.. its hard to make an impact these days.. unlike 1985...

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