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I'd love to se an Amiga-esque modern computer based on QNX
The only OS I have great respect for ;-)

I have powerful PC's at home and at work, but I'm constantly getting irritated by a ton of things. (Windows + heavy duty Autodesk software is an endless source of frustratrion for me.. ) And every time I run into some crap that simply "shouldnt be" I dream of a new and improved computer design that is made in a certain way because I want it to behave in a certain way, NOT because that's what I get by using off the shelf components.

Never was a Mac fan, but Steve Jobs was probably the last guy on Earth who ran business that way.
Look at the retina screen in iPhone4. Was that an off the shelf component?
Jobs didnt say, yea get me whatever screen thats available.. No, he thought that all screens you could buy were crap and wanted something that would compare to paper print... so he sent the specs and asked "I want a 300dpi screen... Can you produce this screen for me? if you can Ill buy 10 million of them". That kind of stuff is driving the mainstream market forward.

The way ppl use computers is changing however. A lot of ppl get very far with e-mail, a spreadsheet and a word processor. Those dont really neeed a specific system (could be windows, linux, macos, android, ios..etc). They will never appreciate a "special" computer.. because nothing they ever do requires one...
Those who do their stuff on workstations (Like me) would love to have a effecient, stable OS / computer, but it all falls apart if I dont have exactly the right software for it etc... So that wont happen any time soon.

So who would that new computer be for? Kids play games on their phones and Playstations and Xboxes.. Thats another market you couldnt reach in a zillion years..

Well, there is a bunch of enthusiasts out there.. (i.e. Linux nerds ;-) and then there's us, old dreamers of the past. We who wont let go of that rosy old feeling that using your Amiga was a fun thing to do.
So ye, we would probably buy such a new computer.. but look around you.. we are... almost alone...
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