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Haha subtle hint! An Ocean complete pack would be too big tbh, the Psygnosis one nearly killed my love for doing these discs, i couldnt handle that, though maybe a 'best of Ocean' disc with 20 or so titles would be a better idea?

In other news my latest disc has just been uploaded, take a look what it is;



Interesting tidbits about the CD32 after browsing the confidential CD32 developer notes from May 1993.

The CD32 was originally due to be released in June 1993 (ended getting delayed to September)

And the MPEG Module - was going to have its own video outputs thus disabling the onboard ports whilst plugged-in. (allowing mixing Amiga video with MPEG and other Genlock sources) of course these were removed as seen on the final modules, possibly due to cost cutting.

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