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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
The Amiga can handle Out Run without a problem.

The problem for the Amiga version was it was written for the Atari ST first back in 1988, and the Amiga version other than the enhanced titlescreen sound was unchanged.
I agree that the Amiga Outrun version is a disgrace to mankind (a qualifier shared with the ST version which also could do better), and that's really common in most arcade games ported to the Amiga and ST: the publishers just wanted the games out of the door at the lowest possible price since they knew the reputation of the arcade version alone would be enough to sell the game. Hell, even Super Hang On which is terrible if you compare to what Lotus II/III achieved reached the top of the charts (at least in the US).

This said, I would be extremely cautious to state that the Amiga "can handle Out Run without a problem".
The Arcade version is massively more powerful than an Amiga in terms of colors, number and size of sprites and road drawing capabilities. There are plenty of road side objects which extend all the way to the left and right of the screen, the size of the cars and trucks is quite important too. Also, the massive number of arches above the road implies a lot of very massive blits (*) which very frankly seem difficult to make fit in 1/50th of a second.

It's certainly possible for the Amiga to run a toned down version of Outrun but that won't be exactly a walk in the park.

If the Amiga version was written later in the days of Amiga, theres no doubt it would have been a better version than it was.
Same for Afterburner.
I completely agree with this. Most US Gold games were likely written by overtimed, undersleeping, underpaid, power pressured programmers/artists and that certainly seemed to have been a deliberate strategy (or rather absence thereof) of that company given their general output.

Most Amiga arcade port are simply asking to be rewritten.

(*) or clever sprite-horizontal-reuse/vertical-plane-splitting tricks
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