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Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
There is something more unplayable than Out Run [ Show youtube player ] Game was developed much later (1996).
Looks like Śląsk region of Poland with those factory in background man, that was horrible game, just like City Cars (but it this one someone at least try to put as much different road shape and objects as possible).

Amiga and Megadrive are two different systems. Maybe it is matter of having people who know how to do tricks in game code and make it fit and utilize best stuff that system can offer. Maybe porting to Atari was one more barrier that make Amiga conversions look worse. Or maybe just basic money and time. Who knows if devs was lazy, lack knowledge or just must fit what can they do to budget limitations. No body write games for free - I'm sure they take money for their work and have families to feed I still do not understood how they could mess so much with Flink or Wolfchild. Chuck Rock 2 was also bit a mess, but it also got some content that sega-cd do not have.
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