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[brainstorm] Problems in porting megadrive games to amiga hw

Being not exactly a coder (i work in web development and you know is a very different thing) i sometimes try to approach things in a way that a real coder will look at me with skewed head and question my sanity, but many times good things get unnoticed because a technical point of view is -sometimes - too technical and missing other experiences to see the feasibility or less of things.

So let me send another brainstorm here and see what analysis can lead:

Been around enough to know that, despite having the same processor, a Sega Megadrive and an Amiga have little in common: the first has a character display and a good sprite engine while the second has our beloved blitter and copper display, that however give us less palette colors but let us play with it nicely.

Yesterday stumbled in the out run megadrive and we know that, despite being not a 1:1 arcade port is still a good port and LIGHT YEARS better than the probe one; so i wonder: if someone would decide to try to port it to the miggy, what are the steps required to make the code work?

For sure graphics will need to be adapted: if not to 32 at least to 16 colors; top parallax backgrounds can be mostly left alone or at least brought to 8 colors each plane to have again parallax and raster for sky;
for road and side sprites i think they used an approach not too different from the Space Harrier on c-64: character banks with a mask and double buffering; problem is characters might be 8x8 while the smaller chunk blitter can move IIRC is 16x16;

music of course need to be rewritten as MOD and to use a 3 channels + 1 jolly channel for sound effects;

however, solving those problems and -essentially- rewriting the graphic renderer, what else might need to be done? How the final result will look on a target machine - like in example an A500 + 512k chip? How smooth will run? (i odubt 50fps but 25 like lotus is at least a good result) How much space will take everything?
and so on...
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