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Originally Posted by bugsymalone666 View Post
So I spotted some blank PCB versions of this little Zorro slot adaptor on ebay and thought it may actually sort me out killing two birds with one stone.

I have towerised an A500 because of the keep fiddling meaning I didnt want to keep opening the case, one thing I do have is an a590 which I want to fit in the bottom of the case. The main issue is it would need to be remote/90degrees to the main A500 motherboard.

Obviously with this little Zorro Board would do a couple of things, firstly mean I can probably find another device for my making of an amazing amiga, but secondly would allow plugging in of my A590 motherboard remotely.

Now the questions:

How wide is the board? I want to see if it was possible to mount it+A590 at the bottom of my case, then have a ribbon cable with the A500 edge connector on.

Second part is the components that need to be fitted, this is a bare board I have seen, tried looking online at one of the links to the German website, but apparently I need to be a member of the website to look at it, I dont suppose there is a parts list anywhere?

I'd be quite interested in building some more stuff for my Amiga, even though my projects list is stacking up, as I have a TF530 to build and all the parts that I havent done yet!
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