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Jambo! DB & Site Updates -- 13th August 2001

[CHANGED] -- News posting script. My new one is now finished and is a PHP/MySQL based script compared to the CGI/Flatfile one I was using in the past. There may be a few bugs in it as it was a bit rushed
[CHANGED] -- After RCK pointed out some site slow-downs I have changed how often the script checks the backend. Now it is checked a lot less often, hopefully preventing any large slowdowns to the site because of a slower server.
[ADDED] -- Added a link to Amiga EmuNews on the front page.

[ADDED] -- Added a new site Digital Barbarian which is a good site which contains HD-Ready games to download. 23 new games added! Current stats, as always, can be found on the a b î m e .net main page

That sums up today's update. Hopefully withing the next week the downloads script will be ready.
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