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Jambo! DB & Site Updates -- 12th August 2001

[CHANGED] -- New Jambo! Index script. I have changed from the perl based script I was using to a PHP/SQL one (rather than write my own I went with the ILink script). The old database has been converted and all sites in the old Jambo! index should be in the new one.

I hope to merge my search script with the index script in the future aswell, so Links and games can both be searched at the same time.


[ADDED] -- AmigaLand - 82 games
[ADDED] -- Amiga Zone - 31 games
[UPDATED] -- Amiga Sector One - 8 New games
[UPDATED] -- Certain game's are no longer on some sites so, based on a few e-mail reports, I have updated a few of the sites game lists in the db
[REMOVED] -- AmigaTigers EmuWorld -- Links no longer work

That about sums up todays update! A new Jambo! Index and 121 games added to the DB, current stats can be found on main page
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