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Happy Hello all! Jack here.

Hello everyone.

My name is Jack and I am a it of a computer geek (Don't get me wrong with the gadget geek) .

Back in 1998 I was 4 years old. My first ever go on a "computer" was on the Amiga 1200 that my granddad owned.

For 3 years I was stuck on it every summer when I came up to Derby to visit them during holidays.

Sadly space was an issue and he through it into a big bin

Couple days ago a thread on a computer forum was made featuring a video the BBC did about "modern day" kids who don't have a clue about anything pre 2000....

After watching I remembered about the computer my granddad had.
So I did a bit of investing.

After 4 hours on Mumble and the forum I worked out that it was the Amiga 1200.

So I am currently thinking of buying one so I cam replay the classic years of my life.

There are currently a few on eBay but I don't like buying off there.

So I have come here to see if I can grab one from the market place.
I have been told that the people here are very nice so I hope they are not lying

So I hope to get to know some of you and learn a bit more as I was 4 when I first used one and not much sinks in to the brain back then :P

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