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Originally Posted by turrican9 View Post
Running Classic WB Full for my Amiga 500 with ACA 500 + ACA 1221 and Amiga 600 with ACA 620. Also running Classic WB ADVSP for my Amiga 1200 with ACA 1233 and Indivision AGA MK2. Extremely happy with these setups and very thankful for these excellent pieces of softwares. [ Show youtube player ] on how to setup a CF card and install Classic WB was very helpful.

A big thanks to the Classic WB team and Fitzsteve for some excellent youtube videos which have been so helpful for me
Thankyou for showing us that we an now install it without it being a chore.

This new easy install method of PC Hard Drive to CF Reader to AMIGA Hard Drive is what made update packs obsolete but it seems way quicker than the old school method we had to use in the past so updates are quicker this way over using unpacking methods for Updates too.

The video gives me exactly the evidence I needed that it is ok to update my files without having to chorefully use Workbench and unpacking disks on the AMIGA side anymore to update my out of date bugger.

I need not be scared about updating with a million disks that might be broken anymore.

Colento Workbench support is maybe a method that needs to be fixed but Better Workbench support would be better than that seeing as it's a free pack of 6 improved real full set workbench disks and with being able to transfer this way now why not try copying a Better Classic WB over to the CF Card then to your Hard Drive I'd say.

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