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Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
I placed that mfm there, but I have it from zeku from forum. And melomonster asled about that game there. So I uploaded what I got. But I also have no idea how to convert that mfm to open it under WinUAE easy. I tried that command under Classic WB but I got "ERR: ShortRead in file!" error. I tried to write on standard and custom ADF created under WinUAE and inserted to DF0: under emu.
MFMWarp.exe write ABC_Chemii.MFM 0
I also seen old post on where Norbi recommand using trackwarp program to convert .mfm to .adf, so I googled trackwarp16.lha and use tw2adf like that:
tw2adf abc_chemii.mfm test.adf
But I got checksum error when reading track 1 of 158.

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