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You can view with Notepad for some hints:
      MFMWarp <COM> [SCOM1] [SCOM2] ...

            READ  <FILENAME>[.MFM]
            VIEWF <FILENAME>[.MFM]
            WRITE <FILENAME>[.MFM]

      [SCOMn]=UNIT  <0..3>           Drive to be selected
              LOW   <0..82>[.<0/1>]  Low track
              HIGH  <0..82>[.<0/1>]  High track
              CMODE <XPK-PACKID>     Packer ('BLZW','HFMN','GZIP',...)
              ALL                    Warp inproccessable T80+, too
              NORETRY                Read inproccessables just once
              NODOS                  No DOS track detect
              SYNC  <SYNC>           Sync ('$1448','9512',...)
              WLEN  <0/DLEN>         Write lenght (0=AUTO)  
              POS   <GAPEND>         Set gapend address
              KEYWORD <WORD>         Set KeyWord (in USERSYNC only!)
              INDEX                  Index Copy
              USERSYNC               Sync Copy
              DEEP                   Deep1 Copy
              DEEP2                  Deep2 Copy
              USERPOS                Position Copy
              USERCODE <FILENAME>    User Copy (LOADSEG 'own routine')
              SYNCCODE <FILENAME>    SyncCopy (LOADSEG 'own routine')

      WRITE/VIEWF supports PhilWarp,MOKWarp,NoMADWarp, too!

      UNIT 0 LOW 0.0 HIGH 82.1 CMODE HFMN
      INDEX SYNC $4489 POS $0000 WLEN $0000

"xpkmaster.library" - so it should be Amiga executable file
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