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Updated WHDLoad Demos/Games pack.

I've decided to retire the WHDLoad pack collection as more and more games popped up that just did not work after extracting it to a non Amiga filesystem.

I do not see the reason for such a WHDLoad game pack if you also have to download 20-30 games in .lha form for extraction to a real/emulated Amiga. Also, I would have to go through all games really to make sure they work. I simply do not have the time for that.

So what you need to do now is to download the games yourself from Retroplays area on the EAB FTP and extract them on the Amiga directly. If you need tools for updating, look to CLRMame or RomVault.

I also wrote a little program that can download the WHDLoad and/or JST games you want (Specify AGA, CD32 etc) and keep it updated with new games/versions if you run it again in the future.

You will find it on the FTP in Commodore_Amiga/WHDLoad_Packs

Update 0.2b: You can now tell it to search for .lzx and .lha files and add them to the database of already downloaded games. Then it will not download games/demos you already have.

Update 0.3b: Maximum length of username and password in the GUI increased.
English_Only option is now controlled through a regexp that is modifiable in the ini file.

Update 0.4:
Can now take care of JST games as well.
New checkbox: "Download Beta". Only shown when JST is selected. I only found 4 beta JST games at the this time but added it anyway.
New checkbox: "Show Progress while downloading". When checked, shows a splash screen with what it is currently doing. Quite spammy if its downloading lots so made it an option.
New exe: Added EAB-WHDLoad_Pack_Downloader_consoleversion.exe if you would rather have the old visuals of what it was doing. Same program but this opens the CMD window you saw with earlier versions.
New hotkey: Press Shift-Escape to exit the program. If its currently downloading something, it will finish that file first.

Update 0.5.1
* What to download are now check boxes so you can run them all at once if you want.
* Got rid of the splash screen in the middle of the screen. It was just annoying. Reverted back to showing what it does in the cmd window.
* Made the gui a bit more appealing IMO. Added tool tips when you hover over stuff to let you know what they do.
* Added a "donate" button.
* INI file will be recreated from scratch if you upgrade. You'll be informed if this is the case.
* Removed the error when downloading from "Commodore_Amiga_-_WHDLoad_-_Demos/Y" since that folder IS actually empty on the FTP. We know it, do not show the error message for it.

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