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Originally Posted by DamienD
I always found the road test pretty easy, the answer are logical

The only question that sometimes got me was the license one (as I'm used to Australian licenses)
The license plate one too... In my remake, which is localized, I can change that (and also the tyre pressure shit in p.s.i when we've got bars in France)

Anyway, here are the answers (directly ripped from SC2 memory with the "strings" unix tool run on it to extract ASCII) for sponsor and driving test, as well as Supercars International full list of all enhanced comm screens (with 6 answers each, 3 picked at random among them but I did not figure it out yet).

With a memory dump while in the comm screens, you can get all the good answers (they're last in the list). Example (driving test):

What does this sign mean ?
I can't see it, I'm very short sighted. <- bad answer, thrown out
Eddie Kidd in the area ! <- neutral, not thrown out, no points from 5th answer, but doesn't matter in the 5 first answers.
No motor vehicles. <- best answer

About the car salesman from SC1, I think it's pretty much the same thing, but tougher because sometimes the good answer may not be in the list, you've got to use a not so good answer to stay in play (he increases the price) and at next question you can try to lower it again.

(use Wordpad to open the docs, notepad doesn't support unix/amiga style texts)



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