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Originally Posted by spannernick View Post
I like it,I don't find a problem with it,I find the mega drive controller gives me pain in my left hand(well I do have arthritis in it),one controller I don't like is the PS1/2/3 controllers,hate L2 and R2,your finger slips off the buttons and it way to small for my hands,glad they finally redesigned it.
Don't know what the PS4 one is like never had a PS4..

Is everybody the same,don't like the CD32 controller..? I can't use a joystick anymore so have to use controllers,easy on my hand.

I give it a thumbs up And the prices on eBay,£25+ for the controller is ridiculous,The old the Amiga stuff gets the more it is..
the d-pad is one of the worst in any controller.
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