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I have finally found the configruation in the emulator which causes the crash.

If you disable the checkbox for HOST IO (which can onyl be done when disbaling mouse as well) Workbench stops with the guro meditation.

When going over and over agin through the Startup Sequence I don't see which command will depend on this option.

Here is the startup Sequence:
; $VER: startup-sequence 34.35 (15.01.15)
; Amiga Forever Classic Support edition © Cloanto ® 1997-2015

C:SetPatch >NIL: ; Patch system functions
AddBuffers DF0: 10

MakeDir RAM:T
Assign T: RAM:T

;BEGIN AF-Shared
C:GetHostVar >T:ExecuteFromHost.bat AF-Execute
C:Execute T:ExecuteFromHost.bat
C:Assign >NIL: AF-Application: EXISTS
If EXISTS AF-Application:S/user-startup
C:Execute AF-Application:S/user-startup
If NOT EXISTS AF-Application:S/NoShutdown

C:Delete >NIL: T:ExecuteFromHost.bat
;END AF-Shared

Echo "Amiga Workbench Disk. Release 1.3.3 version 34.34"
SYS:System/FastMemFirst ; Move C00000 memory to last in list
SetClock >NIL: LOAD ; Load system time from real time clock (A1000 owners should
; Replace the SetClock load with Date

Resident CLI L:Shell-Seg SYSTEM PURE ADD ; Activate Shell
Resident C:Execute PURE
Failat 11
Run Execute S:StartupII ; This lets Resident be used for rest of script
Wait >NIL: 5 MINS ; Wait for StartupII to complete (will signal when done)
SYS:System/SetMap usa1 ; Activate the ()/* on keypad
Path RAM: C: SYS:Utilities SYS:System S: SYS:Prefs ADD ; Set path for Workbench

LoadWB DELAY ; Wait for inhibit to end before continuing

As emufan already wrote the following two lines uncomment lets workbench start:

C:GetHostVar >T:ExecuteFromHost.bat AF-Execute
C:Execute T:ExecuteFromHost.bat

But what exacly do these two lines, when executing on the cli I don't get an error or see any results.

I don't see anything created on T: which I would expect due to the redirection of c:GetHostVar >T:ExecuteFromHost.bat...

Would be great to have an explanaition what exactly here happens.

On Cloanto Page I can only find the following:

Emulation-Specific Changes

Workbench 1.3 and 2.1 versions that are included in the emulation environment of Amiga Forever include the above modifications which are shared with the Classic Support series, plus some emulation-specific changes which are not part of the Classic Support series:

Added C/Shutdown command (for shutting down the session)
Added C/GetHostVar command (for passing data from host to guest)
Set default printer to EpsonQ (emulation has emulated EpsonQ printer)
Updated S/Startup-Sequence to support Cloanto S/AFShared-Startup
Updated S/Shell-Startup to support Cloanto UXCLI
Removed C/FF from 1.3 (due to known issues in emulation environments)

But that does not really helps me. for me It somehow looks like Bug which should be fixed by Cloanto.


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