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Any idea if the main site frontend for these WHDLoad preinstalled games WHDownload is going to get updated with the latest Turran pack soon?

I think the maker of the site should really hand the reigns to you mate as it hasn't been updated in years.

That used to be my favorate site for them as it let me pick and choose with the full title and version wrote down and stuff.

I would love to see every single game, pd and magazine demo disk available on the WHD format eventrually so that people who have to use the loader thing because they don't have enough memory to load HD games from Workbench can kick the normal HD games off by having the full memory of the machine used on them but I don't see it happening even with it being free for everyone to make their own slaves for the rest sadly but at least with WHDownload being updated everyone can get the existing ones without getting the games they don't want by having the option to get single filed versions from there.

Good job on the packs for those of us who do want every WHD game and demo ever by the way as it's a major help to the community. Just wish someone could be bothered about updating the WHDownload site as well as that was my favorite way to get the updates in the past for the games and demos I want and if they can't be bothered why not they should handle it to someone who can ie. the best WHD versions of games uploaders from here aka you and retroplay.

Love the packs but also love being able to research the updates on that site and pick up the ones I want to play if you get what I mean by that. Maybe the full packs could even be added as an alternative option for getting them from the site if you took the reigns and added that option as a tab and wrote something like you can get the full version updates from our FTP Server and post a link to the folder whilst in the A/Z the seperate files can be added as usaul too which gives us double options through the site interface?

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