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Part 3 - AmigaOS 4.0 Classic Installation.

This tutorial continues on directly from the end of Part 2

Please remember that PPC emulation is currently very basic and slow. So there may be quite a wait between some of these steps and there may be long waits before windows are responsive.

1) Click "Proceed"


2) Select your language from the displayed list. (I have only tried British English so far)

3) Go to the Country tab and select your country

4) Go to the Time zone tab and select your time zone.

5) Click "Use"


6) Click "Proceed"


7) Select your Keyboard type from the list and click "Use"

8) Watch a very basic workbench Window appear

9) Double Click "AmigaOS4-Installation"


10) Click "Next >"

11) Read the licence agreement and then tick the "I have read and agree to the license agreement" checkbox

12) Click Next

13) Select "Amiga 4000" (if it is not already selected) and then click next

14) Click Next.

15) If the drive you want to install to (Which should be UDH0 if you have been following this tutorial all the way through) is not selected, then select it.

16) Click Next

17) Change the graphics card from "AGA" to "Picasso IV" and click next

18) Select your desired resolution (I chose 800x600@60)

19) Untick the Load the "cybppc.device" and click next

20) Click Next

21) Click Next

22) Click Next

23) Watch OS 4.0 install. It may pop up with a box some time during install asking if you want to overwrite files. Click "Always overwrite"

24) Continue to watch... (Or go and get some food, or sleep, or do something other than watching progress bars for a while)

-- very long wait--

25) Click Next

26) Click Finish

27) In the UAE menu click "Restart" and then reload your configuration - there seems to be a problem with doing a soft reset under emulation

28) Eject the CD and OS 4.0 Boot floppy.

29) Start the emulation

--long wait--

30) Enjoy your OS 4.0 classic emulated installation

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