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This is the experimental build of the circuit I am using now. Testing takes quite a bit of time, and testing three different GBS 8220 adds to the time.
If anyone feels like building the experimental circuit and adding your findings here, please do so, since it would speed up the development of the design.

Before the Ferrite Bead (Or instead of it) you could use a resistor, impedence matched to the cable as Ian suggested. Right now I am testing with just ferrite, as one GBS 8220 worked fine with my original design, one brown shifted the colours, and one caused green shift, which leads me to the conclusion that the variance in their construction is sufficient to cause issues and that the circuit needs to be redesigned.

Reson I use ferrite bead right now and nothing more beyond the cap and IC, is simply that it seems to do about 90% reduction of the white dots problem with all three GBS 8220 I use.
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