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Originally Posted by Bloodwych View Post
I run ClassicWB FULL and dont really notice this - using iGame and the last WHDLoad version 17.1? Never tried WHDLoad 17.2 yet. A1200 WinUAE config with 2MB chip 8MB fast.

iGame uses some memory initially, but some of this is recoverable via ClearRAM then after that it really doesn't change after launching a few games:

eg 7,000k fastram free after boot, 6600k free after exiting WHDLoad games and iGame, 6700k free after ClearRAM. Of course the Amiga steadly will not reclaim all RAM and will need a reboot eventually due to limitations of the Workbench and programs use of memory as described above, but since the Amiga boots so fast and I rarely use it for more than a few hours at a time I've never found it much of an issue.

Perhaps a few specific WHDLoad games don't release memory, but I've never noticed it as a huge problem. Are you using a different version of ClassicWB, the non-Scalos versions perhaps? Haven't really tested those in depth with launching many games through iGame (eg OS35 39 LITE 68k GAAE) so they may exhibit the memory leak problem you are referring to.

It may also act different on a real Amiga, or one of the patches is causing the problem - those can be disabled one by one under the settings menus.
I was using a hacked set of roms, now changed them to a standard set of 3.1 and all is good :-) there must have been some problem with the custom rom. I love your Classic Workbench flavours, been using them for years

Mmmmm, the system runs a LOT slower with standard 3.1 Roms. Will try and make a custom set that works fast, and no memory problems.

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