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Any other user of DOG ?

There's a trick to secure profiles when one creates them from the generic one. Problem is duplicating the profile isn't always reflected in the profiles folder as a new profile creation .

I usually leave an explorer Window opened on this profiles folder to make sure the changes are well implemented.

Once I have given a name to my profile (and created a corresponding .conf file), hit OK, the profile will probably have a name like this :

I Duplicate it AGAIN and it will bear the name of my game

Only then I allow myself remove the previous one

After having done so with creating/editing all my profiles (or halfway if you have lots of them), simply use the rather basic database implementation to save all of them at once.

-> Profiles Menu / Export all profiles to this file "DOG.ddb", that does the trick

  • Dfend users are welcome to try DOG, their profiles can be imported
  • On some occasions, using a frontend is not the best option
  • I'll stick to v1.53 for now, too bad there are so few info. about a next release
  • DOG was first coded with Lazarus (a freepascal IDE) and apparently Erik is switching all dev. to Delphi (thanks to Skalogryz for this info)
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