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Originally Posted by JuvUK View Post
1st things 1st m8y, make sure ALL your chips are properly seated.

what we need is some Zetr0 help on this CPU exception thingy, i'll give him a call and let you know what i find out

cheers, JuvUK
Thanks a lot... yeah, I guess we really need Zetr0 here

I'll give my miggy another look, and see if everything is properly seated.

By the way, some infos would be nice... here they are:

1) Without a Kickstart seated in, what screen colour should appear?
2) Without a Reset Timer soldered, what screen colour should appear? I guess the Reset Timer gives the miggy the reset signal.
3) Does the Amiga use the reset signal at the start of the boot sequence, or only at the end of the selfchecks?

If someone knows the answer to these three questions, I could at least rule out something

Thanks again!

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