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ClassicWB is an AmigaOS setup for emulators, similar to AIAB or AmiKit but not so overloaded with features.

About the problem: I don't know if Genesis is part of ClassicWB, but I doubt it. When running on WinUAE Genesis is of no use, because WinUAE cannot access the network card. You have to use WinUAE's built-in TCP/IP stack. Just enable bsdsocket emulation in the config.

When running on a real Amiga, do not use the OS3.9 version of Genesis. As you can see, it does not work on OS3.1. Install the MUI version of Genesis from Aminet (search for gendemo to find it quickly). Replace genesiskey.library by the one from the OS3.9 CD to unlock the full version.
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