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Well my main field of knowledge is coding (java, C++), but alas my coding skills started on the pc, when I used my Amiga I didn't even know what programming was all about, so I'm no help there.

But, I am also an amateur novelist, so I would be able to help out in that department. I'm still in the process of learning to write proper stories though, do not expect me to be the next Tolkien

For a taste of my current skills, check out my "Demon Ville" project (which is still in the early stages of writing, only four chapters):

It's a cross between Sin City, End of Days and Se7en. And it contains no demons, even though the title would indicate otherwise

As for fantasy, I use that genre in my "character development development" project (nearing completion) called "Draconian Lore":

Previous attempts at story writing always left me lacking in terms of character development (I focussed to much on the story itself), so this story is filled with all kinds of wacky characters for me to experiment with. This means that the story is not meant to be an actual novel, it's just a fun story that most people that give me feedback seem to enjoy. The style is dark fantasy mixed with very dry humor. My Demon Ville project is aimed more at being a real novel.
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