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EmuC, I'll gladly help you or anyone else with any issues you are having. After all, you were kind enough to help me.

I'm still failing to see the difficulty here. In my opinion it's actually easier and more beneficial method for all concerned - for those using the zip method fully outlined in the instructions, you get to finalise and customise the workbench PC/Mac/whatever side before creating the zip file.

Plus you are only asked for the workbench disk once and that's it - you have a complete workbench to do with as you please. Is it really much to ask the end user to zip them up themselves - a 5 minute job?

I mean, installation as KillerG said above is "a piece of piss", although he did use the Windows XP method. Creating the zip is just a normal means of creating an archive from within the ClassicWB (running in UAE):

Creating "" in WinUAE
  • Add the "System.hdf" file provided to the hard drives tab.
  • Add a PC directory to the Hard Drives tab. You can call this whatever you wish, however using "PC" for either the device or volume name will produce a nice Workbench icon shown in the pictures.
  • Boot the ClassicWB and load "Dopus" from the popup menu.
  • Select "DH0" for one window and the "PC" directory added in 1) for the second window.
  • Highlight all the ClassicWB files on "DH0" and click the "ZIP" button.
  • When asked to enter an archive name, type "System".
  • Hit return and wait for the archive to be finalized (may take a while).

Test the archive's integrity either in Dopus or Windows.

That's it. Job done. If you're still having issues create a new thread in the ClassicWB forum and I'll try and help further.
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