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Doc, I'm afraid I feel the HDF file is the best way to go:

There is a reason for the HDF – it actually allows the size of each download pack to be reduced significantly and being on a 33K upload convinced me that’s the way to go.

One big advantage of the ClassicWB being on a HDF is you can use an emulator to customize it before transferring to a real Amiga.

Also, I’ve had people complain the "zip only" method is too much work to install in UAE. Many people have Windows XP and actually hook up their real Amiga hard disk to the PC and copy the HDF contents over using an emulator.

With this in mind, I feel this really is the best balance and allows you to have a complete Workbench (files from WB disk copied over) once you’ve booted the HDF once. Very similar to AIAB.

As for those who still use the zip method - it’s very easy to create the zip file in an emulator and saves me doing it my end which, for several packs, can take forever. A config and full instructions are provided. The install disk still present. Now the install disk doesn’t ask for the Workbench disk Amiga side because it’s been done in an emulator first.

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