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Originally Posted by hooverphonique View Post
1) The output binary (fs-uae\hd0\gencop) is not updated when pressing start, so it fires up an old version - when using the run configuration it's ok.
This is due to the launch.json configuration, please modify the debug configuration :
I certainly modified it by mistake. I'll fix that.
Originally Posted by hooverphonique View Post
2) When starting, the emulator runs "twice" before returning to the ide (i.e. after clicking lmb to exit gencop, it reboots and runs gencop, and I have to click lbm again). Maybe it's related to 1)?
This is due to the difference between the debug and release launch.
In Run mode there is no injection so the binary is launched by the Startup-Sequence.In the fs-uae Debug mode the binary is injected in fs-uae at initialization before the Startup-Sequence started. So when it's done the normal amiga emulation start with a startup-sequence and re-runs the gencop binary.
If you don't want it in debug, remove the gencop line in Startup-Sequence file and keep UAEquit call (to have a gentle exit).
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