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I don't know if something has changed on 0.18 but my breakpoints are no longer working. If I download the example workspace and build/run within VSCode then it works ok. But if I compile outside of VSCode and then debug it stops on entry fine (and can single step). But any breakpoints I've set are ignored and if I hover over them in vscode it says "Debug information not resolved retrieved"

This is on Win10.

Edit: Here's an example, just create a batch file in the root of your example gencop workspace and run it to compile. Then run the debug from vscode and see if it stops and and/or gives the debug not resolved message above.

set ObjDir=Build
set OutDir=fs-uae\hd0

set BuildParam=-m68000 -Fhunk -linedebug
set LinkParam=-bamigahunk -Bstatic

bin\vasmm68k_mot.exe %BuildParam% -o %ObjDir%\gencop.o gencop.s
bin\vlink.exe %LinkParam% -o %OutDir%\gencop %ObjDir%\gencop.o
Edit: If I download the 0.17 example bundle/bin files and roll vscode back to 0.17 the above works. Hmm. Maybe something changed in file path/debug info code and it's no longer able to resolve paths?

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