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Originally Posted by AmigaHope View Post
Can't do that, because the entire video generation, DMA fetch, audio frequencies, bus arbitration, etc. is ALL in lockstep with NTSC/PAL. At best you'd have some weird "time-warp" Amiga operating on a different plane of existence, and you could build a special video scan converter to bring the framerate back into reality (couldn't do anything about the audio though, really) and things would still be moving too fast.

In physical practice even this wouldn't really work as the Amiga custom chipset was never designed to clock at higher rates and would fail as you bumped up the overclocking, RAM chip latency would break fetches (RAM is built around analog latency limitations), etc.
You can do that and it was made already on Amiga for Macintosh emulator to deal with variable speed FDD, almost each genlock do this on regular basis. If you re-clock Amiga then all timing will follow external clock - this has pros and cons (inability to read floppies after passing DPLL lock-in and track thresholds) another limitations will be related to DRAM cycle and of course overall IC's OC capabilities. I've made some experiments many years ago (by replacing main generator) and Amiga was easily accepting over 30MHz clock source.
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