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Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
So we can assume that 100+ games will be probably threaten just like APC or TCP here on EAB and rest of the internet?! How is that gonna help scene and community? This is gonna screw amiga emulation the same gog screwed DOS and some amiga stuff, but at larger level.

It sounds funny and ironic when Galahad writes about legality of software. What was the price for icon like you?
Who is going to threaten like APC and TCP here on EAB?

Whilst some of these old game titles are being licenced by Antstream, no copyright holder is rubbing their hands with glee at how much money they are making because of it.

It doesn't matter if it helps the scene and community, in fact it will likely be invisible, because the majority of those that enjoy old Amiga stuff through emulation will have absolutely ZERO need for a solution like Antstream.

In fact, other than as a curiosity, i'd be amazed if more than 20 people from EAB as an example, paid for Antstream subscription, because they understand how to get the games and how to play them without a laggy streaming service.

For those that know what they are doing and can work an emulator with ease, Antstream will affect them ZERO and life will continue for them unabated.

Whilst it might sound funny about me waffling on about software legality, just because we all download it for free, doesn't mean it doesn't still technically belong to someone, we're just largely lucky that most of the Amiga copyright holders don't seem to want to do anything about it, but there there should be no expectation that it will be like that forever.

Lets see if Antstream has any longevity before we start worrying about their effect on copyright holders, i've read the reviews of Antstream and i've yet to read a positive one
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