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Originally Posted by SyX View Post
Of course, and as i said, the slaves that i made or fixed are not the most interesting for the "general public" and surely those simply slaves can be remade in 5 minutes for people like you.

Is it so hard to do things in a decent way? Only need to send an email to every volunteer, asking if they would agreed to their work being used in the future in an streaming service; even if their work is not going to be interesting now, nobody knows what could happen in a far future.

But not try to get the focus away with my specific case, because that is not the problem that we are trying to explain and talk here. This service goes against our hobby, and you can try to sell the idea with all the sugar that you want, but this will never be a positive thing. This is not the first time that a "bad" decision has hurt deeply the community...

And for the last, let me return to the specifics, because i loved your message that "i don't give a shit about the time that you used in making those slaves, because if you don't think like us or do exactly like we want to do... well, we will rewrite them for erasing your work".

Don't worry, Dude! From now, i will use my free time more wisely. Go ahead and sell your soul for a few pennies
Lets get one thing straight right from the off.

The ONLY people that were contacted were those who we knew had installs written that Anstream wanted to use. Had any of your installs been requested, you would have been contacted.

As none of your installs were used or requested, there was no need to contact you. If that changes in the future, and one of your installs is requested, then you will be contacted.

Sending out an email getting peoples hopes up of future monies is not the way to go about things.

You feel put out that you were not contacted, you shouldn't be.

Secondly, what Antstream are doing has absolutely NO bearing or what other people do.

Antstream have licenced over 100 Amiga games from their copyright holders which they are fully within their rights to do.

Not only that, they have licenced WHDLoad from Bert, and furthermore have also licenced the WHDLoad installs that are relevant to the games they have licenced from various copyright holders.

Antstream are not compelled nor do they have any authority to police other peoples sites. The copyright holders of the relevant games might feel the need to, because as we all know, if you don't enforce your copyright, then expect to lose it as you did nothing to protect it.

And guess what? They are fully entitled to protect their copyright.

Make no mistake, repositories of old Amiga games, Megadrive, SNES etc, etc on the internet are illegal, its just that the various copyright holders haven't done anything about it.

What this sounds to me, is that you personally don't want the situation to change, because right now you can download whatever you want from whatever format you want for free, and you don't want that to change.

Just so we're clear, I also like to do that, but I also accept that if a copyright holder wants their copyrighted material removed, then thats just the way it is.

We have that situation here on EAB. No APC or TCP Amiga software is allowed to be stored on the file server.


Because the copyright holder is fully prepared to act on its distribution.

Guess what?

EAB abides by that by not allowing it on the forum.

No-one is selling their soul for a few pennies, they are being reasonably recompensed for their code that enables their use with WHDLoad, and which frankly, Antstream simply couldn't use Amiga titles without.

IF any of your slaves are requested in the future, you will be notified, and if you still assert that you don't want them used, then that is absolutely fine and your choice, and none of your code will be used.

However, you have to understand that doesn't stop the title being used, and one of us rewriting the install isn't a "fuck you" to you, its just the way it has to be.

No-one is erasing your work, your installs will still remain on the WHDLoad site, no-one will physically EVER replace your entire installs for another one.

As for using your time more wisely, its a nice jab, but your last install was 7 years ago, I think its safe to say you're doing that already

If this thread can divert back towards a little less hostility, that would be good
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