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Originally Posted by SyX View Post
Well, i am one of this "public small group" and i have not been contacted at all.

Sure, my slaves are not the most interesting, spanish fiction interactive games and a few bug fixes in a few random slaves. But i am not giving my permission to use them in a retrogaming streaming service, because those kind of services are a threat against our hobby.

First, i don't think that a retrogaming streaming service is a bad idea per se, although i prefer infinitely more quality physical releases as "SNK 40th Anniversary"; bring me more like this, but with Amiga games and i will buy ALL.

But this project "anststream", that they call the "netflix of retrograming", is based in a technology similar to the Google Stadia and other game streaming services, that means you are using a video player that answer a keyboard/joystick events and the games only live in the company servers.

For me the problem is not the latency problem or that a 512 KBs game now is going to use gigabytes of video streaming. The thing is worrying me is about what is going to happen with all the sites that are storing the work that this community has been making along those years in preservation, patching and documentation of games and the rest of the software...

And this is the most important part of the fun that this hobby brings to me, and because that i am getting very pessimistic about the future of retrogaming with the rising of services like this.

One thing, the excuse about emulators are difficult to use or configure is BULLSHIT. If you are interested in something, at least you could take the time of trying to understand it, read manuals and ask for help in the forums.

And if after all that, somebody thinks that emulators are impossible to use, well i offer my time to make a package that is easy to use for that person.

But use that excuse for justify those services is totally wrong, it is the same that if i say that i want to play a musical instrument, but instead of getting lessons and work hard trying to learn... the solution is to put an mp3 player inside of the musical instrument and click a button :P

Sorry, if you want to destroy the future of our hobby, go ahead, but not me.
Dude, you were not contacted because none of the stuff you did is licenced by them.

It really is as simple as that, and if you dont want your stuff used if they licence those games from the copyright holder, then quite easy, someone else will rewrite the install so they can use it
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