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Originally Posted by d4rk3lf View Post
How much do I have to put walls of "IMHO, AIS (as I see), dunno", etc, until I explain anyone, that I do not want harm to anyone?
Hiding behind 'IMHO' is intellectually cowardly and means nothing except that you don't have a shred of evidence on your side. I do not buy the idea that all opinions are valid, or that fact is somehow subjective. While you have the right to say whatever you want, we have the right - the obligation, even - to tell you you're talking complete bollocks.

You say you don't want to harm anyone, but what is prejudice if it's not one person's "humble opinion"?. Prejudice whether it's race, sexuality or a condition like autism, gets people killed, and drives others to kill themselves every single day. It's happening somewhere right now.

Your words and opinions create ripples through society. We never know where they may end up and what violence or hatred they may lead to. You may validate the opinion of someone who does want to harm people and you will never even know. "I don't mean any harm" doesn't mean jack shit, sorry.

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