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Yeah, people can make up their own mind.

I think the verdict on Amiten is pretty clear by now... if it wasn't already years ago.

...but don't tell me I should respect people who praise the ground that Amiten walks on, like Per-Ola seems to; for some strange reason

What, is it because his name get's written in every crap Amiten game?


Anyone with an ouch of moral backbone would steer well clear of Amiten / his team; and not be associated with them... but not your buddy...

So tell me Predseda; are you going to purchase this totally awesome rip-off game showcasing the very best that the Amiga has to offer when it's finally complete; and then post screenshots on Lemon Amiga?

Don't answer, and considering you did with Coco Bonkers; yeah probably... because that's the best thing to do, promote these f$%king scammers!!!

Let's keep the Amiten propaganda off EAB please!!!

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