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Amiten has now updated his webpage to include a little note directed straight at me:

Hahahahaha, too funny...

What do you mean you didn't remove "nothing"?

Where has your "public" NINJFERATU webpage suddenly gone to; a black hole or something?

Where has the YouTube video posted on "Indie Retro News" suddenly gone to?

Yeah, of course you won't remove anything after being found out yet again; there's money to be made, at least in your eyes (somehow)!!!


Amiten, you are clearly reading EAB threads; why???

Of course, what you're constantly doing is totally above board and not a scam???

Please tell me why you think that I'm even remotely interested in visiting your shit webpage full of ripped games or propaganda videos???

Why don't you direct your comments towards people on Indie Retro News? I mean, that's how we all found out about you latest scam / ripoff!!!

Oh that's right; you can't do that because for some really bizarre reason, they still promote your rubbish. Don't bite the hand that feeds you and all that

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