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I'd really love to know who "Per-Ola Eriksson" is on EAB???

I do admire your constant enthusiasm for Amiten games with comments like this on Indie Retro News:

Originally Posted by Per-Ola Eriksson
this is a team that burn to create new games for Amiga !
Yeah and?

Doesn't mean anything, or that the games produced are any good; not to mention that he's been trying to rip off the community with rubbish time and time again over many years now with substandard crap that makes the Amiga as a system look pathetic...

Originally Posted by Per-Ola Eriksson
Amiten Software do good games.
Good games??? Give us a break!!!

I'll correct the above... you mean ripped graphics, shite scrolling, dodgy hit boxes, unoriginal ideas etc... please tell us all how that equals "good games"; as I'm very confused???

Yes, you are the champion reviewer on Indie Retro News of all new Amiga, *cough* quality games; in your own mind.

...and are probably on Amiten's payroll as your name is mention in virtually all his games; as you promote / support / defend them to death on all web media no matter how rubbish they are
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