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My 2 cents..

A very enjoyable little game! After playing it for an hour or so, I have some feedback. Three things I want to mention:
  1. Collision detection is a bit inconsistent. Sometimes you die while just being close, and sometimes you touch without dying (this can happen with magma walls).
  2. Player controls are slower while using the laser. If you're in freefall while firing the laser and then pressing up, it will take much longer for him to stop and go back up. Unexpected behaviour. I died quite a few times from this.
  3. Not having the ability to use the keyboard, when entering a name for highscore.. Not a good thing, if you ask me.

Though no. 2 is pretty bad, none of these kept me from enjoying the game. Overall, the player controls feel nice. And I love that glowing effect on the magma walls!

I think this is very playable, and will definitely play it more. Very well done!!
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