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Sadly I don't have enought knowledge to do a whdload version of this game, but i have basic skills to convert ADFs into a single ADF and HDF file!
This has been a simple task to do because - you are on luck - ADFs are standard ADOS disks, and i think that could be easily created a generic whdload version too, but i'm not so good in this way, Aladin is the master about this specific task! )
My versions are based on ADF tosec version of the game: downloading it from EAB FTP (exactly 'Jetsons, The - George Jetson and the Legend of Robotopia v1.0 (1989-11-06)(MicroIllusions)(Disk 'N' of 2)[cr PNA].zip'), merging both disks into one folder and making a bootable ADF/HDF version (tested with WinUAE latest version, both versions work like a charm with really fast ingame loading for the HDF one )
ADF version needs a basic A500+ (NOT A500!) quickstart config with DF0 floppy setted to 3.5" HD (Turbo Mode is higly reccomended)
HDF version needs a basic A500 quickstart config with no other specs, and is strongly reccomended because it's faster that the ADF one
IMPORTANT: For both versions, avoid to run them with a basic A1200 quickstart config due to graphic glitches that don't occur on A500/A500+ config.
Anyway, just uploaded both versions to The Zone: ENJOY!
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